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Heli-logging and Milling
  • Windthrow, technical tree felling, heli-logging

  • Fixed site and portable sawmills 

  • Tree and log buyer

Mineral Exploration
  • Drill pad construction

  • Bedrock sampling to 10m depth

  • Helicopter logistics

  • Communications


Track Construction
  • Heli-portable equipment

  • Experienced in steep and challenging terrain

  • Rehabilitation and replanting

Before and after
Drill & Blast
  • Heli-portable, hand-held air drilling equipment 

  • Drill 40mm blast holes to 2m depth

  • Electric, non-electric and delayed detonation

Heli-Portable Camp
  • Insulated huts with heating and lighting

  • Diesel generator

  • Water supply, toilet and shower




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